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Fashion Awards 2017 failure: Mollie King in the worst dressed celebrities

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The fashion awards 2017 saw the beautiful Mollie King, dancing stars, and seemed to have forgotten part of her skater dress. She and other famous faces won the British awards on the red carpet.

The 2017 fashion Grand Prix is going on, and many amazing stars go to the fashion show to show the most popular style of the season.

Unfortunately, not every appearance can be a hot spot, as these celebrities have found.

Mollie King is dancing in a white feather skater dress while swagger walked the red carpet at the annual awards are 2017.

The 30 year old seemed to forget part of her skirt, because she had a large white pair of trousers under her skater dress.

British model Suqi Waterhouse, 25, also chose underwear to flicker, with the former model Amber Valetta, 43, wearing black and silver with a skater dress about the air in its bag.

Katia Jaber, the daughter of Cindy Croft’s model, who is 16 years old, drowned her slim figure in the blue lace Limited RDS, emphasizing her long neck.

This dress shows the long – time pin that she saw in her strict dance performance.

Other celebrities have also brought a similar fate to the event.

The fashion awards are held in Britain every year to show British and international design talents.

It also recognizes enterprises that have made the most outstanding contributions to the fashion industry during the year.

Selena Gomez also failed in an unusual way, although she was the only celebrity in who’s weather.

The 25 year old star, who recently dyed hair cut to the 70s style pursuit, wore a Vitoria theme satin dress.

She was wearing a white PVC skating shoe and a bit of a nod to the Victoria style – but the Disney star wore a comfortable wool jacket on the top.

Pixie Lott also missed Mark, who seemed to be wearing a cheap net and didn’t flatter her at all.

Zandaya, another star Disney, 21, wearing a dress covering two horse head chest.

Rita Ola has also met the fashion award of fashion 2017.

The 27 year old clash and golden heels were flashing silver, and she snuggled up to Spiderman star Zendaya.

And the color is incongruous, the daring dress has some rather strange underside of the lace board, and the flashing grid is refined.

When the dress tried to stop her assets, the singer flashed more than she imagined.

Caroline Flack also encountered a rare nostalgia and her outfit in a over shoulder flower.

At the age of 38, she was wearing a gorgeous skater dress, showing her legs and chest.

Her naked high heels had elongated the pin, but the print did not make her look better.

She seems to have been inspired by the style of the nude heel lover, Kate Middleton, who also chose popular meat – colored shoes.

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