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tirsdag, december 12th, 2017

10 velvet skater dress on a cold night

This may be a decline, but it doesn’t mean it’s a season of skater dress. (I would say it just started.) There are a lot of beautiful frocks suitable for cold weather. What are our favorite options? Velvet. The trend of water and electricity is very strong, like he used to be this season, the ideal gathering and dressing, it’s very cold outside.

Womens Sexy Dresses

In addition to the toasty freshness of your feeling, there are just a few of the decadent luxurious fabrics. A simple addition school, tights or boots (maybe a motorcycle jacket or coat wooly), can bring a heat to any of our perfect Plush pick.

1. Slip Leha velvet clothing ($260): mixed texture and tone form a standout slip. This is a high heel for yourself or a lock on the try turtleneck shell and added high boots.

2. My dress attitude (Losangeles $277): speaking of high boots, this perfect ideal partner, let Li pass “your favorite choice of your knee.” A ruffles and weave it in winter, the inner channel the way you Boho baby.

3. Topshop’s skater dress Print Velvet MIDI ($95): the winter of flowers? The tail, yes. Break a standard cold weather in a monotony paneled frock insets lace.

4. Lilac velvet skater dress Miss Selfridge MIDI ($76): looking for a flip script? Select an option, rather than a beautiful pastel than typical holiday jewel tones.

skater dress

5. Circus kooples chopped velvet slippery dress ($275): the red lattices are more than you might think it’s universal. Of course, it screams in the first glimpse of the holiday season, but additional parts of black leather and studs and appearance become irritable, wear and long after the new year.

6. Glittering velvet clothing and other stories ($65): we like the antique 80s atmosphere of this glittery Mini Dress (with shoulder pads, you!) Big earrings. Timely and add more hair, you will be ready to Flashdance night.

7. ASOS velvet WRAP’s dress pleated MIDI Bardot (72 yuan): pleats, please! Display small shoulder and keep warm in this rich blue beauty Everywhere else.

8. ZARA’s Velvet clothing ($50): rich prints? Check. The outline of the super flattering WRAP? Double check valve.

9. Velvet pencil skirt oasis Bardot ($98): put your middle waist, with a sheathing insets super sexy lace. Bonus? Everyone is deep in the eggplant.

10. Rhodes Island Resort’s Jay skater dress (stunting $435): it looks like something like this at your office s.o holiday party. The rich Burgundy Velvet, paired with a subtly oh so sexy neckline is exactly what you need this season.

lørdag, december 9th, 2017

Fresh pink skater dress

When you buy skater dress on the Internet, you need to know that what you buy will appear at your door, which makes you feel comfortable and comfortable. You also need to ensure that this is the exact clothes you order. We suggest that before buying any retailer’s products, you must make sure they are reliable, and they do exactly what they say in cans. Nothing is worse than buying goods on the Internet, and later found that the company you bought did not meet or failed to meet your expectations. If the offer looks good, it is usually true from an unidentified retailer. Beware of counterfeit websites on foreign websites and always check the correct web site before buying.

skater dress

Understand the correct method of measurement

Whether you are a rookie on the Internet or have years of experience, you are always worried that the skater dress you wear will fit you. Most of us know that size depends on brand. Unfortunately, you don’t have the luxury of trying to wear clothes before buying clothes. We recommend that we specializes in retail stores, saving your size, so that you can know exactly what your size is, depending on the clothes you buy. Always check the size chart of the retailer and compare it with yourself to ensure unwanted returns of disappointment and trouble. Another thing to look at is the size of the model. Their height can sometimes let you know how long or short the clothes are.

Check readers’ comments

These are essential before buying products. Customers who spend most of the time buying a particular product are honest about whether the product or service has reached the standard. Pay attention to product size and quality reviews, because this is usually a good indicator to show that the products you bought or the products you bought are worth it.

Get materials for your favorite products

Anyone who buys skater dress on the Internet will tell you that sometimes the quality, texture, or real color of the material is not what they think. The important thing is that you have to know and understand the fabric you like, which can be easily checked by checking clothes, and you always have, like and record materials. This allows you to buy goods that are suitable for your skin, style and color.

Check online video

Because buying skater dress online is becoming a big business for retailers, most of them are now investing in a lot of mini videotapes for fashion models. In a possible case, check the video related to your favorite product before buying so that you can get a better understanding of its appearance.

Check out the return policy

When you press the “order” button, you are always familiar with the return policy of the goods you purchased from the company. Not all retailers offer the same return policy, so it’s your right and charge to know the key to return.

Pay attention to your shopping cart

It was easy for us to shop on the Internet because we didn’t bring the skater dress around before we went to the cashier. We suggest that you check the shopping cart at any time to ensure that the size, color and quantity of the clothes are correct. Once you have ordered the order, it saves disappointments.

onsdag, december 6th, 2017

Fashion Awards 2017 failure: Mollie King in the worst dressed celebrities

The fashion awards 2017 saw the beautiful Mollie King, dancing stars, and seemed to have forgotten part of her skater dress. She and other famous faces won the British awards on the red carpet.

The 2017 fashion Grand Prix is going on, and many amazing stars go to the fashion show to show the most popular style of the season.

Unfortunately, not every appearance can be a hot spot, as these celebrities have found.

Mollie King is dancing in a white feather skater dress while swagger walked the red carpet at the annual awards are 2017.

The 30 year old seemed to forget part of her skirt, because she had a large white pair of trousers under her skater dress.

British model Suqi Waterhouse, 25, also chose underwear to flicker, with the former model Amber Valetta, 43, wearing black and silver with a skater dress about the air in its bag.

Katia Jaber, the daughter of Cindy Croft’s model, who is 16 years old, drowned her slim figure in the blue lace Limited RDS, emphasizing her long neck.

This dress shows the long – time pin that she saw in her strict dance performance.

Other celebrities have also brought a similar fate to the event.

The fashion awards are held in Britain every year to show British and international design talents.

It also recognizes enterprises that have made the most outstanding contributions to the fashion industry during the year.

Selena Gomez also failed in an unusual way, although she was the only celebrity in who’s weather.

The 25 year old star, who recently dyed hair cut to the 70s style pursuit, wore a Vitoria theme satin dress.

She was wearing a white PVC skating shoe and a bit of a nod to the Victoria style – but the Disney star wore a comfortable wool jacket on the top.

Pixie Lott also missed Mark, who seemed to be wearing a cheap net and didn’t flatter her at all.

Zandaya, another star Disney, 21, wearing a dress covering two horse head chest.

Rita Ola has also met the fashion award of fashion 2017.

The 27 year old clash and golden heels were flashing silver, and she snuggled up to Spiderman star Zendaya.

And the color is incongruous, the daring dress has some rather strange underside of the lace board, and the flashing grid is refined.

When the dress tried to stop her assets, the singer flashed more than she imagined.

Caroline Flack also encountered a rare nostalgia and her outfit in a over shoulder flower.

At the age of 38, she was wearing a gorgeous skater dress, showing her legs and chest.

Her naked high heels had elongated the pin, but the print did not make her look better.

She seems to have been inspired by the style of the nude heel lover, Kate Middleton, who also chose popular meat – colored shoes.

lørdag, december 2nd, 2017

The 41 year old Reese Witherspoon in Atlanta fashion store launched a fashion show, wearing emerald and black lace dress, very sexy

She was called the sweet skater dress home of South Americans in Alabama.

The 41 year old actress Reese Witherspoon in Atlanta at the age of the Georgian fashion center opening ceremony showcased her motherland.

skater dress

The three year old mother was full of vitality and vitality in her VIP mat. She put out a pair of natural make-up and photographed the camera with joy.

Keep it simple, actress Oscar paired her black heels to wear the impression surface and a gold bracelet and earrings.

Reese, who left her trademark blonde hair on her shoulder, made no effort to put up with her collection of sweets, and a bag was printed with “Are you ready?”

The producer will play a movie with Oprah in the upcoming movie “the wrinkles of time”. He will also take a picture with the 41 year old actress Amis Matt.

It’s just a friend’s actress coming out to support Reese, wearing a penguin adornment pink dress and a black belt on the waist.

From Reese’s notes, Amy made her natural beauty let her golden hair shine on her shoulders.

Spanx founder and businessman Sarah Blakley, 46, appeared more leisure, wearing blue jeans and a black and white skater dress sleeves with delicate lace flowers.

Reese recently praised her co star, Nicole Kidman, 50, the Australian actress was awarded a special tribute to New York on Monday in the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

With her Instagram, Reese shares a skater dress picture of Nicole on the red carpet of the activity.

She said: “congratulations to the title of the picture in her # gothamaward my girl NicoleKidman.

When she took off high heels, we were basically the same height! (this is not true), “a punctuated humour outside the blink of an eye.

tirsdag, november 21st, 2017

Flowers skater dress have some power!

The prints come back, and if you want to put on your skater dress in cold winter nights, it’s absolutely perfect.

Flower prints are groundbreaking and never marked. With stripes and weird silhouettes fade out, this season is more popular with flowers, lace and finer silhouettes.

Of course, is a gorgeous sari, but better is those lovely skater dress, skirts and trousers that players must catch your eye! We interviewed fashion experts, and they told us how to balance the theme of clothing with flowers, and it’s more innovative…

Beautiful colors and patterns, Nilu Thapa said, “Imitating nature has a different style than any other fashion blogger, the energy of the city,” I think flowers are never extinguished style. I find these prints timeless. Personally, I like to add flowers to my wardrobe, because I think these prints will bring you vitality when you wear them. I have a couple of new flower skater dress, this season, I think the team and the knight jacket, I think an ordinary coat is the best way to highlight the beauty of these prints! ”

A solid print, the basic color is a classic line like the designer Deepta Raghunath, “Printing will make a comeback this season.” Personally, I think it’s necessary, but you can’t go too far. It must be carefully designed. Now, since the shoulder and cloak buttons are style, I think a good cut pants and a fitting T-shirt or tank can wear a flower cape. Otherwise, a good fitting of the flower decals D like a shoulder or drape style jeans are very cool. And another flower print combination of flowers is a huge pair, a solid pants flower shirt, or you can keep these two solid, there is a flower stolen, because we are entering the winter now.

Accessorising the skater dress you spend need to do the same care, you’ll put in a bouquet of flowers, fashion blogger Vasundhara Agarwal’s comment, “flower trends, give you a chance, go all out, if you don’t always wear loud.” This is a good way to find out what color is flattering you, because it’s part of the print. Maxi dresses and skater dress are amazing and praise the beautiful trend. For fittings, adhere to a single metallic color, such as gold, silver, or rose gold. You can also experiment with beautiful stones, such as a layered chain with Turquoise pendants. It’s really beautiful.

mandag, november 20th, 2017

Balaam and Manav Kaul pose in Greece skater dress in the Sulu Daiyu screening tumhari

Balaam’s tumhari Lu hit skater dress the screen at last. For a week, she has held several of her films for her family and friends.

Now, we got our hands on a screen, vidya was posing as old actor and Li Daiyu and her partner Tumhari Sulu. LAN Daiyu, who lived in the suburbs, rushed South Mumbai to catch the movie last night.

In the photo, and looks at the violet in her skater dress, wearing a green and black broadside vidya sari.

They all laughed at the presence of photographers.

In tumhari, see vidya popular track groove in Greece Hawaii India Hawa Daiyu mr. Talk about it, director of the film, Suresh Triveni said, “a leading tabloid,” music plays an important part in our movies, it’s a wireless world. This song is more than just a promotional song. It appears in an important place in the skater dress story.”

He further adds, “Vidya’s Sulu is a fan of Daiyu, and we want to give a real respect, originally, to restore its glory.”

With a major daily, vidya said, “we do not create or modify the original. It’s us dancing at the dance. Because you can’t make a song of daiyu. Only LAN Daiyu can be the track of daiyu. I was just in Hawaii Hawa movie because it is too interesting.”

About this song, shot, “I may be five or six years old,” the song was released. As a child, I like this song very much. I can’t believe I did show it after all these years. When I learned about it before production, I was both excited and anxious. It makes me nostalgic. Ours is a happy explanation. We had a lot of fun!”

lørdag, november 18th, 2017

In the collection of X Neul capsules goodhood exclusive first look at

The British plus size skater dress fashion brand to its gold earlier this month in the X release Tianhao Dr. Martens boots.

Brand re release and Korea tags limited edition, Neul.

To celebrate 10th anniversary of the skater dress brand, the capsule uses bold leopard print themes.

A collection of six capsules, including capsules separated or separated.

Change triggers include skateboarding, two black and white T-shirt with the logo and more alice.

One of the highlights is the shirt, which is perfectly matched when ankle pants are paired.

The plus size skater dress online store can be collected in the horizon. Take a look at the gallery above.

plus size skater dress

fredag, november 17th, 2017

Friends of Love Island Olivia Attwood and Amber Davies shock fans, their unexpected clash: “back to Anber’s clothes.”

Love Island friends Olivia Attwood in plus size skater dress and Amber Davies went to the head of Chris, Hughes in this week twitter sincere apology.

Kem Cetinay’s best friend is at the center of controversy, and his girlfriend Olivia shares a phrase he sings about Drake’s hit, the motto – including explicit lyrics.

Nevertheless, Olivia’s fans only focus on one thing, her recent conflict with Anber.

Love Island 2017 stars wear the same skater dress in the same week, which is unusual when you take part in spotlights and activities.

Anber is wearing a pink and blue plus size skater dress ITV Studios later, Olivia posted a picture of herself wearing the same number in Instagram.

Some 1 million 500 thousand followers of Olivia quickly pointed out this conflict, one of the fans wrote: “an uncle has this dress.”

And the other person asked, “give me back Anber’s clothes.”

However, other people fell in love with the appearance of Olivia and Anber, and when they all wore it, the fans couldn’t wait to catch them.

The number of players from Mino fashion, clothing costs by pink and blue contrast 160 is still available in all sizes.

It’s a feature of the three section sleeves and an unusual pattern, which means you’re going to stand out, just like reality TV stars.

This is not Olivia’s first clash with the same star.

Recently, Chris’s girlfriend was puzzled by Dom Lever and Jessica Shears imitating her plus size skater dress style.

plus size skater dress

torsdag, november 16th, 2017

Malaika Arora proves that age is only one figure of this sensational black plus size skater dress

Malaika Arora, who was a constant plus size skater dress fashion inspiration for the moms of this age, rocked a Amit Aggarwal ensemble team in the next top model in India. What do you think of her appearance?

plus size skater dress

In addition to Sridevi and Kareena Kapoor Khan, when we think about one of Bollywood’s most fashionable moms, the other name in our mind is Malaika Arora.

The mother of the 44 year old son of two rarely made mistakes in her fashion choices. From the beautiful Sari dress brand and high-end street style, Arora easily nail up most of her appearance, as in the past become elegant.

Arora, one of the judges of the reality show “the next top model in India”, recently picked up a Amit Aggarwal number on another show in Mumbai. She wore black plus size skater dress apparel with a mesh hem and a large amount of inspection and print.

One thing we like about this dress is that it has a metal belt around her waist, which completely highlights her figure. Designed by Celebrity Stylist Maneka Harisinghani, she split her appearance with a pair of black pumps.

Hairstylist Alpa Khimani her hair tied in half bun, and makeup with red lips and eyes made her look.

So, this is not the first time Arora has seen this skater dress in a reality show. Before that, she captivated us with Carven’s feather Mini dress.

Do you like her appearance? Please tell us in the comments below.

onsdag, november 15th, 2017

Plus size the queen of beauty, the bully, the sexy plus size skater dress

Sophie Leah Brady was brutally bullied in plus size skater dress his teens and suffered verbal and physical attacks.

Once, 26 years old, he sprayed perfume on her face, and she was stoned – leaving her to be hospitalized for six months, throwing.

But the Liverpool girl embraces her curve and becomes a queen of beauty, who hopes to miss the coronation of the beautiful curve of England next month.

Recalling the abuse incident, Sophie said, “I hate it, especially at school.”

She said: “At school, I have never been bullied, because I try my best to be a good person, I hide behind a lot of things in the comedy, because it makes me feel good, but then walk to the bus station or bus is a nightmare.

“I remember a young man who said to me,” you must sit in front, because if you sit in the back, it will use two wheels.”

When I was 15 years old, on the way home from school, I sprayed perfume on the car. No warning. They just called me names, and they did it.

“I lost a stone outside the house, and I had to go to Alder hospital for six months because it badly damaged my eyes.”

A beautiful woman who admits to being bullied seriously affects her self confidence and tries to lose weight.

She said, “it’s awful to you to do that to you.

“I’ve been fat all my life. I’ve been struggling with weight since I was six years old.

“I’ve seen nutritionists, fitness programs, diet pills, daily diet, everything you can think of, trying to lose weight, when I was young.

“But, despite my 98% hours of healthy eating, I go to the gym three times a week, and I teach dancing, and I’m still a size 16-20 depending on what shop I go to.”

For many years, she was embarrassed by her big body, always dressed in black to hide her figure. Last summer, Sophie discovered the beauty pageant in England, and her attitude to her figure changed completely.

She explained, “people will make you feel that you should be ashamed of your appearance, but I don’t want to do that again.

When I first entered the British Miss Beauty curve, I thought, this is me, why can’t I celebrate my appearance?

“The world is my oyster, just because I’m a little big doesn’t mean I have to be like a troll in a corner.”

“When I was rehearsing for the first time, even though I was nervous, I kept going, and at that moment, something clicked.

“I met other girls, with my little fashion show and any self doubt I went to, and I loved it.

“When it comes to tonight’s game, I do it, if something happens too quickly, because I want to do it over and over again.”

“Going out doesn’t make you feel the best, it’s really exciting, it’s great to enjoy me in the spotlight.”

Sophie won the Liverpool championship and won third place in the national competition last year. Now she will represent Liverpool in the August 5th beauty pageant final.

This time, the young man would wear a bikini instead of a plus size skater dress, and show off his figure on the catwalk.

She said, “until the beauty pageant, I had the courage to go out and show off my arms, wear the plus size skater dress I wanted to wear, and try to wear my clothes, not just the black skates I used to live in, and I was so active.

“I think women are very conscious of their size, so I decided to challenge myself this year.”

“Last year I wore a plus size skater dress. It’s a big problem, so this year I think, yes, I’m going to wear a bikini.

“It’s a hurdle, I’m nervous, of course I am, but I’m excited, too.”

Sophie, who lives in Everton, says her husband, Michael, has always supported her ambition as a beauty queen.

And after she started writing her blog, she was called a curve by Sophie, and she was determined to prove that those who hated them were wrong.

Sophie said, “people can judge not knowing you, but there are many people who are much thinner than me who smoke, drink and eat bad food, and I don’t do those things.”

“I check my body regularly, and my results are very good.

“I don’t mean everyone should be bigger, but if you do, it’s not embarrassing, or what should you hide?

“I can’t wait to participate in the beauty pageant. I’m counting the days, and I’m proud to go out in bikinis.”