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tirsdag, december 12th, 2017

10 velvet skater dress on a cold night

This may be a decline, but it doesn’t mean it’s a season of skater dress. (I would say it just started.) There are a lot of beautiful frocks suitable for cold weather. What are our favorite options? Velvet. The trend of water and electricity is very strong, like he used to be this season, the […]

lørdag, december 9th, 2017

Fresh pink skater dress

When you buy skater dress on the Internet, you need to know that what you buy will appear at your door, which makes you feel comfortable and comfortable. You also need to ensure that this is the exact clothes you order. We suggest that before buying any retailer’s products, you must make sure they are reliable, […]

onsdag, december 6th, 2017

Fashion Awards 2017 failure: Mollie King in the worst dressed celebrities

The fashion awards 2017 saw the beautiful Mollie King, dancing stars, and seemed to have forgotten part of her skater dress. She and other famous faces won the British awards on the red carpet. The 2017 fashion Grand Prix is going on, and many amazing stars go to the fashion show to show the most […]

lørdag, december 2nd, 2017

The 41 year old Reese Witherspoon in Atlanta fashion store launched a fashion show, wearing emerald and black lace dress, very sexy

She was called the sweet skater dress home of South Americans in Alabama. The 41 year old actress Reese Witherspoon in Atlanta at the age of the Georgian fashion center opening ceremony showcased her motherland. The three year old mother was full of vitality and vitality in her VIP mat. She put out a pair […]